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Leasing Broker

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  Leasing Broker business. Have a way with connections? Consider being a leasing broker.

  Business Overview

  Working as an independent or franchised leasing broker, you can help business owners lease the equipment they need to start, operate, and expand their businesses, including everything from computers to machinery to heavy equipment to specialized tools and lots more. The duty of a leasing broker is to bring together three parties'business owners and managers wanting to lease equipment for their businesses, equipment manufacturers and retailers wanting to sell equipment, and lending companies willing to purchase the equipment and lease it back to the business owner. Broker fees are generally paid by the lender or by the equipment manufacturer or retailer. Consequently, finding business owners to work with should not prove difficult because they have nothing to lose'if you cannot arrange suitable financing, they don't pay for the service. You can work from home and visit clients at their location, or rent suitable office space. You will need to establish working relationships with a number of lenders, and perhaps you will want to specialize in one particular type of equipment such as tools, computers, or vehicles so you can become known as an expert in that area. Once established, this is the type of business that thrives on repeat business and referrals.

  The Market

  Small business owners who need to add equipment, like computers and peripherals and even cars, to their business, but may not have the resources to purchase them out-right.
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