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Knife Kiosk

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  Knife Kiosk business.

  Business Overview

  Retailing products from a kiosk located in a mall, or even within a larger retail store is a terrific way to keep operating overheads to a minimum, thus increasing the profit potential of the business venture. A great product to sell from a kiosk-based location is a specialty knife. The kiosk can stock and sell all type of knives such as ones used in hunting and fishing, custom kitchen knives, wood carvers knives, and knives for collectors. Additionally, to increase revenues and profits you can also provide a knife and scissors sharpening service at the kiosk. Due to the unique nature of the product and business, product markups of 100 percent or more are not out of line and are not uncommon in this type of retailing. Once established and proven successful, a knife kiosk business would be a great candidate to expand nationwide on a franchise basis.
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