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How to get rid of bad garlic breath

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    Below are a couple of tips which can help you to get rid of bad garlic breath:
      1. Parsley and other herbs. Due to the high level of chlorophyll found in parsley, it actually works very well as a breath freshener. If you happen to have other herbs and spices around, you can also try chewing on mint, cardamom, cloves, or fennel.
      2. Lemon. Even more readily available than parsley is lemon. One of the easiest ways to make use of this garlic breath remedy is to simply drink some nice, fresh lemonade. Even better than lemonade, if you can stand it, is a lemon wedge.
      3. A cup of hot tea. A cup of hot green tea will help you get rid of garlic breath by rinsing away the garlic oil that is hanging out in your mouth and on your teeth. Mint tea is another very good option. While green tea and mint tea are the best, any tea will help.
      4. Mints and gum. The only thing a mint is going to do for you is mask or cover up the garlic breath. If the mints are made with real mint, peppermint, or wintergreen oils, all the better. Gums are good too.
      5. Good oral hygiene. If you want to get rid of garlic breath, brush your teeth. I know it's an obvious solution, but people have a tendency to be embarrassed about using oral hygiene products in public places. Well, get over it. Carry a toothbrush, some floss, and even some mouthwash with you and don't be afraid to use your stuff in the public restrooms. Brush your teeth for at least three minutes, and do not forget to brush your tongue. When you're done, use the mouthwash.
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