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Window Boxes And Shutters

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  Window Boxes And Shutters business. Your business future will be bright as you keep the light out with a shutter biz.

  Business Overview

  Sales and installations of exterior window flower boxes and decorative window shutters is a fantastic little business to get going that can be started for peanuts and operated right from home on a full- or part-time basis. You can design and build your own products or purchase prebuilt window boxes and shutters. All that is required to install these items are a few basic tools and a ladder. These windows boxes and shutters can be sold to homebuilders, architects, and homeowners. One interesting marketing method may be to pick a highly visible and attractive home in your community and offer these products to the homeowner for free in exchange for allowing you to use their home as a show home, ore reference home. This method will allow other potential customers to drive by to have a look at the dramatic difference that installing window flower boxes and shutters can have on the appearance of their homes. Giving away a few hundred dollars worth of installed products may return you a few thousand dollars in profits.
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