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  Online Building Plans business. From houses to sun decks, you can start a website that sells building plans to homeowners everywhere.

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  Houses, sundecks, woodworking projects and just about every other sort of building design plans can be sold online. You can develop a website that specializes in one particular type of building plan, like garden sheds. Or you could create an online directory format and list companies that sell building plans. Income would be derived by selling the plans or by charging a fee to be listed on the site. There are millions of do-it-yourself homeowners worldwide and building and design plans are extremely popular. Remember the key to a successful website, beyond generating profits, is to attract visitors and keep them coming back. Be sure to use varied and interesting content to ensure as many page views per hit as possible. This is the type of online business venture that, once established, can easily be operated from home on a part-time basis.
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