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Wood Screen Door Manufacturing

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  Wood Screen Door Manufacturing business. Screen doors are too functional to go out of style. Low startup costs make this a great opportunity.

  Business Overview

  Old-fashioned decorative Victorian wood screen doors are all the rage for an inexpensive home improvement. You can capitalize on the demand for Victorian wood screen doors by starting a business that manufactures, sells and installs screen doors. The business can be established and operated right from a garage or basement workshop. All you will need is woodworking equipment and some screen door patterns to get rolling. Once again, marketing the doors at home improvement shows and mall kiosks will probably be your best bet, in terms of attracting customers to purchase the finished products. Additionally, check with local homebuilding centers to see if they stock the old-fashion style screen doors. If they do not carry this item, then what a great opportunity for you to set up retail distribution accounts with them.
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