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Decorative Partition Screen Manufacturing

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  Decorative Partition Screen Manufacturing business. Separation can be a beautiful thing when you put your carpentry and artistic skills to use.

  Business Overview

  If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and creative talent, starting a business that manufactures and sells decorative partition screens may be just the moneymaking opportunity you've been looking for. Partition screens are commonly used in homes, offices and even outdoors as an added decorative flair or to divide and partition the space. You'll need basic knowledge of carpentry, artistic talent and the desire to succeed in this business. Once completed, there are numerous ways to market the screens, including:
*. Selling the screens to specialty retailers on a wholesale basis
*. Placing the decorative screens in retail stores on a consignment basis
*. Selling the screens to residential and commercial interior decorators
This is truly a unique and inexpensive home based business opportunity to start that can be operated on a full- or part-time basis. In terms of product pricing, the first step is to check out the competition. A general pricing formula is to take your material and labor costs, which add up to the product cost. Then figure out your markup (anywhere from 50 to 100 percent) and multiply it by your product costs to equal the wholesale or retail selling price.
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