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Bouncy House Rentals

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  Bouncy House Rentals business.

  Business Overview

  The focus of this new business opportunity is the rental of portable, inflatable, carnival-style bouncy houses for children's birthday parties and community charity events. In addition to renting bouncy houses, this business start-up can also include operating the bouncy houses in tourist or high-traffic community gathering places, and charging parents a $3 or $4 fee for their kids to spend ten minutes inside bouncing around with their friends.
  start-up costs: New bouncy houses retail for about $10,000. However, a good quality secondhand bouncy house can be purchased for approximately half of that amount. Additionally, you will need a truck or trailer to transport the bouncy house to the rental site. In total, this entertaining rental business can be started for less than $15,000.
  profit potential: Renting without the assistance of an operator, the bouncy house was available for $250 per day plus a delivery and setup charge of $75. The cost to rent the bouncy house with an operator was an additional $25 per hour. Based on the total investment to launch this rental enterprise, one could expect a very quick return on investment given the extremely lucrative rental rates.
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