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  Farmland business.

  Business Overview

  The basis of this rental business is maybe not as the name indicates. The idea is to rent or lease farmland that is not being used by its owner. Divide the land into smaller pieces and rent it to people who would like to have their own vegetable garden, but cannot due the lack of space or because they are residing in an apartment. This unique rental business can be potentially very profitable, providing the business is operated close to a densely populated urban center where the majority of potential sublessors clients will come from.
  start-up costs: Start-up costs will greatly vary depending on factors, such as the amount of farmland leased and the availability of water on site. The initial investment could be very costly if well water or another water source has to be established.
  profit potential: Assuming you paid $1,000 per season for the vacant farmland and you were able to divide the land into 100 subparcels that rented for $150 each for the season, you would be left with gross business revenue of $14,000.
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