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  Online Movie Set Locations business.

  Business Overview

  Like movie and TV prop rentals, renting movie film set locations is ideally suited as an Internet venture via your own specially designed Web site. Location scouts scour the countryside in search of the perfect spot to film movies, music videos, TV productions, and commercials. Starting a movie set location rental business will make you a cyberscout. Once again, the concept is basic. You establish a Web site with various categories for filming locations. These categories could include factories, vacant land, unique houses, and office buildings. The building and landowners of these various locations could supply you with still pictures or video footage of their locations, which can be posted into the various categories on the Web site. Location scouts, directors, and producers would simply log onto the 'locate a location' Web site and click their way through the categories that were of interest to them for film production projects.
  start-up costs: Establishing a start-up cost for this type of business is difficult, as there is not a lot of competition to use as a yardstick. However, the business does not require a lot of equipment or special software programs to be designed, and the Web site could likely be developed on an initial investment in the range of $30,000 to $40,000.
  profit potential: There are two billing methods that could be utilized in this business venture. The first would be to charge building and landowners a flat fee for posting their location pictures and information on the Web site. The second option would be to agree upon a split of the location fee from the production company to the landowner.
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