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Christmas Decorations

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  Christmas Decorations business. While you'll likely only sell your products during fall and winter, it's a business you can work on all year.

  Business Overview

  Each year, billions of dollars are spent on Christmas decorations worldwide, and securing a portion of this very lucrative market is easy. This new business enterprise is very straightforward and can be initiated by anyone, as it doesn't require any special business experience or skills. Simply design, produce and sell custom one-of-a-kind Christmas decorations. Go for the high end of the market where consumers are willing to pay $25 or more for one Christmas decoration that'll become a family heirloom. The decorations can be made from almost any type of raw material, in any popular Christmas theme. The key to success is that the Christmas decorations must be unique and appealing. The decorations can be sold to specialty retailers on a wholesale basis or directly to consumers via renting a sales table at art and craft shows.
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