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Online Cigar Sales

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  Online Cigar Sales business.

  Business Overview

  As mentioned earlier, millions of dollars' worth of cigars are sold every month in the United States and, in the spirit of being unique, perhaps you could develop a Web site that acted as a online portal to bring cigar manufacturers and distributors together with consumers that purchase cigars.
  This type of online venture would be very easy to establish and charging cigar manufacturers and distributors a fee to be listed and featured on the site could generate income. Alternately, income could be earned by retaining a portion of the cigar sales that are created, and listed companies could be posted for free. To spice up the site and make it more interesting for visitors, you can also add a chat line forum focused on topics and subjects related to cigars, as well as an online poll that lets cigar smokers vote for the all-time best cigars.
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