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  Online Press Release business.

  Business Overview

  As the saying from a popular movie goes, 'build it and they will come.' This saying could prove to be very accurate in the case of an online press release service. In a nutshell, an online press release service is imply a Web site that has been specifically design to enable users to log on and create a press release from the many templates available. The press release could then be sent electronically via e-mail to numerous media outlets, all with a click of the mouse. Without question, activating this type of online enterprise will require specialized software programming and countless hours dedicated to researching, formatting, and 'plugging in' in the media contacts. Additionally, users should have options in terms of the type of media they want their press release to go to, such as newspapers, radio, television, online media, etc. However, this would be relatively easy to format while developing the software application for the site. This type of Web site would be an incredible business tool for all entrepreneurs. Imagine the power of being able to create, edit, and submit a press release to thousands of media outlets all from one user-friendly and convenient Web site. The profit potential could prove outstanding.
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