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High School With Britt 'n' Gabby by Kay Lynn Thomas

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High School with Britt 'n' Gabby is a story about twin sisters growing up in the suburbs of Marrero, Louisiana. They face the challenges of peer pressure, heartbreak, amusing adventures, emotional and physical changes all adolescence endures as they travel the road toward adulthood.
Their parents are, Robert Maxwell Thompson II and Linda Thompson. The proud parents raised their children with convictions, moral standards and taught them their rightful place in the society.
Brittany and Gabrielle Thompson (born two minutes apart) also have two siblings, Robert Maxwell Thompson III (the not-so practical joker) and Kay Lynn Thompson (his partner in crime).
Twins they are, identical they are not. Brittany favors Linda and Gabrielle favors Robert. Britt is delicate, friendly and passionate whereas, Gabby is outspoken, bold and feisty.
Britt falls for a boy that her arch nemesis Mona Evans (hate her) is dating. She knows Britt likes him and attempts to make her life a living hell, or so she would think. Gabby and her new friend Yoni have other plans for Mona.
The intrigue certainly does thicken when Grandma Kay comes to live with them. She teaches the girls things Robert and Linda never would.
When Grandma Kay moved in she started Thursday's 'Ladies night' where male bashing, political incorrectness and moral lectures commenced, not to mention martinis.
High School with Britt 'n' Gabby is a series of eight books (ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth grades of high school and freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior years of college). Join Britt and Gabby as they embark into the wonderful world of teen, through adulthood

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