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Cloth Diaper Service

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  Cloth Diaper Service business.

  Business Overview

  The not so sweet smells of success. Disposable diapers are not environmentally friendly and can often irritate a baby's skin. The solution? Environmentally-friendly cloth diapers made of natural fibers. A baby can go through as many as 4,000 diapers before being fully toilet-trained, and this fact of life creates an outstanding business opportunity. Depending on your business start-up budget, there are two methods of pursuing this venture. In the first, you offer a complete service, meaning, you supply, deliver, and pick up the cloth diapers, and you also clean the diapers. The second start-up method is to simply supply delivery and pickup of the diapers and have an established commercial laundry clean them. If start-up capital is not a problem, the first option will definitely leave more profits for you. To market a cloth diaper service, try to obtain a list of new baby births from local hospitals. If these lists are not available, start to scan newspapers for birth announcements. Once you have compiled a list of potential clients, simply drop off or mail a marketing presentation to parents outlining the benefits of your service and how they can contact you.
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