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Miniblind Cleaning Service

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  Miniblind Cleaning Service business. Put your attention to detail to work when cleaning miniblinds.

  Business Overview

  Almost everybody's got at least one set of miniblinds in their homes or offices -- and everybody who has them also has a major problem with the dust and grime that sticks to blind surfaces and defies soap and water. You wash one side and dirt drips to the other. Tackle that side and you wind up with globby streaks on your first side.
  But you can conquer dirt and prove that grime doesn't pay with a miniblind cleaning service. You'll roll to customers' homes with your ultrasonic cleaning system on board and give each miniblind a maxi shine. The advantages to this business are that you're always on the go so there's no time to get bored in one place and there's plenty of room for growth.
  You'll need experience or training in ultrasonic miniblind cleaning, which you usually receive when you purchase your machine, and the marketing skills to reach customers who may not be aware that systems like yours exist.

  The Market

  Your customers can be both residential and commercial. Tackle them by placing ads, perhaps with a discount for the first set of blinds, in coupon mailers or with a direct-mail campaign. You can visit small businesses directly, leaving your flier and business card, and place ads in the Yellow Pages and your local newspaper.

  Needed Equipment

  Your major piece of equipment, of course, is the ultrasonic machine, but you'll also need the cleaning solutions that go with it and a reliable utility vehicle like a van to transport it and you around town.
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