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  Bumper Stickers business.

  Business Overview

  In spite of the fact that most new cars and trucks have plastic bumpers, bumper stickers remain very much a cultural icon. Taking the following five steps to establishing a bumper sticker wholesaling business can put you on the path to financial freedom and self-employment independence.
  1. Hire an artist and design ten really great bumper stickers, or locate a manufacturer and choose ten bumper stickers from their collection.
  2. Design a point-of-purchase (POP) display that is unique and colorful, and that can feature the ten bumper stickers and hold 20 of each (total 200 bumper stickers for each POP display).
  3. Establish wholesale accounts with retailers to stock the POP in their stores in a visible area. At first some retailers may want to take the POP displays in on a consignment basis until the product is proven popular and profitable.
  4. Service and maintain existing wholesale accounts and expand wholesale base to include additional retailers. Also seek to establish accounts with national multi-unit retailers.
  5. Implement a company Web site that features thousands of different bumper stickers that visitors can customize and download for home printing on specialty print paper. (Charge $1 to $2 each for the bumper sticker electronic file transfers.)  profit potential: The profit potential for this type of unique business is outstanding once established. Bumper stickers can be printed in mass quantities for less than ten cents each, and retail for as much as $4 each.
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