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Doggy-poop scraper/eraser

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  Have you ever had the nasty job of tryng to get dog-poop off the sole of your shoe after you've inadvertantly walked in it? Usual coping strategy: find a loose twig-somewhere and scrape repeatedly (yuk!) or failing to find any loose twigs, find a grassy lump somewhere and again, wipe, wipe, wipe untill most of it is gone from the bottom of your shoe. Is it possible to devise some small nifty poop dispatcher? If a hose & tap are nearby-no problem, simply hose the muck off. But supposing you are far away from base, and you need to get rid of the doggy-do pronto. You are visiting someone say, and you don't want to leave dog-poop all over their carpet. What would James Bond use, in this situation?
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