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Interior and Exterior House Painting

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  Interior and Exterior House Painting business. Like the changing of the leaves, home owners are constantly wanting the latest color of the day.

  Business Overview

  The business of painting houses has been around for years, and will continue to produce excellent profits for the owners of house painting services for many years to come. Why? Simple. Heights, ladders and slow tedious work are enough reasons to scare off even the most hardcore of do-it-yourself homeowners. House painting is a very simple business to set in motion and only requires a small investment to get going and even a smaller learning curve to master. Like most labor-intensive business ventures, you can pretty much be guaranteed of work regardless of economic conditions. Providing a free value-added service such as cleaning the gutters or windows while on the job site, is a great way to separate your company from the competition. Often, small, free value-added services will increase the numbers of referrals your business will receive.
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