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  Home Decorating Guide business. No, print isn't dead. Give homeowners a decorating guide they can flip through while sitting on their couch.

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  In spite of its popularity, we haven't turned our world completely over to the internet. Good old print publishing is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. A publishing business that creates and distributes semiannual home decorating guides can still earn excellent profits. The business concept is very straightforward: Simply design a guide featuring information, articles and tips on home decorating and furnishing ideas. The guide can be printed and distributed free of charge throughout the local community it serves twice a year, for example. Revenue for the business would be gained by selling advertising space in the guide to local businesses, such as furniture retailers, home improvement companies and interior decorators. As a method of promoting the guide and business on a year-round basis, consider forming a joint venture with a local or community newspaper. In exchange for a weekly home decorating tips column, the paper could promote and print the semiannual home decorating guides. Joint ventures are a fantastic way to potentially increase the size of your market while decreasing startup and monthly operating costs for the business.
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