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Tips for a good night sleep

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    The sleep duration depends on the age: the younger the organism, the more time a person should sleep. People carrying out work related to the strong tension of the nervous system need to sleep longer. The long sleep is required for patients. To establish a good, quiet sleep, one should follow these rules:
    * Bedroom should be well aired, the temperature should provide a comfortable sleep, i.e. the room should be cool, and the bed should be warm;
    * Try to go to bed and get up at the same time;
    * Stop mental work two hours before sleep;
    * Do not smoke before going to bed;
    * Go for a walk (at least for 10-15 minutes) an hour before sleep;
    * Warm water therapy half an hour before sleep contributes to a rapid sleep coming;
    * Elderly people are not recommend to sleep on the side;
    * Pajamas or a nightdress should be loose;
    * Feet should be always warm;
    * Do something relaxing before bedtime, for example, take a warm bath or read a few pages of a good book;
    * Drink something warm in the bedroom; do not drink tea and coffee as they contain stimulants;
    * Eat a little (not a heavy meal). This will help to drain the blood from the brain to the stomach, causing a drowsy state;
    * You can also do some special relaxing exercises: relax the various parts of your body in turn; breathe slowly, so as inhales and exhales last two times longer than usually, think about nothing, focus on your breathing.

    * An excellent remedy for insomnia is tea brewed with camomile.
    * It is good to take a bath with herbs 3-4 times a week; use calendula, tickseed, mint, oregano (if you don't have all these components just take the ones that are in the house). It is advised to take 12-15 baths (for 10 minutes each) during the month.
    * Folk remedy for insomnia: Sew a cloth bag with dried herbs: bay leaves (1 part), fern (2 parts) and hops (3 parts), put this bag under the pillow.
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