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Foot care

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    Uncomfortable shoes are one of the major causes of foot blisters, the big toe distortions and further deformation of other toes, ingrown nails, feet injuries, etc.
    Shoes with high heels are better to be put on only when it is required by the case. Walk more; do not stay in the same position for a long time. Put on comfortable slippers when you are at home, provide your feet with a rest. If your profession is such that you have to work in the standing position, after coming home lie for a couple of minutes with your legs lifted. You can try to sleep, putting your feet on a small hard pillow.
    In case of ankles edema you can do the following exercises: sit on a chair and roll a thick smooth stick or a hard ball up and down with your feet.
    Warm foot bath with sea salt relieve fatigue and feeling of "burning", soften callous feet. After the bath rub these places with a dry brush or camphor spirit, massage for 1-2 minutes and then apply with oil or cream.
    Cyanotic skin tone of feet is not only a cosmetic defect, but also a painful condition, when there are bluish-red or purple spots and knots which are cold by touch. They appear as a result of improper circulation: during work in the standing or sitting position, when working in a cold or damp room, wearing tight, uncomfortable shoes. Alternating hot & cold baths for feet are of good help in this case. After the bath rub your feet with camphor spirit. Treating with ultraviolet light and diathermy are also useful.
    Feet with increased sweating also need a special care. Such feet need to be washed and cleaned with a lotion that eliminates the smell both in the morning and evening. Then they are advised to be powdered with a special powder. You can also have baths with oak bark, willow bark or hazel leaves once a week.
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