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Used Baby Equipment

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  Used Baby Equipment business. Make the best of expensive baby products the original owner no longer needs by reselling them.

  Business Overview

  Baby equipment -- such as strollers, bassinets, car seats, cribs, toddler beds, cradles and changing tables -- can be very expensive and often out of the financial reach of many new parents. So why not start your own business that specializes in clean, good-quality secondhand equipment for babies. The business can be started for less than $15,000 and can be operated from a small retail store location. You can purchase items from parents and mark them up by at least 100 percent for resale purposes. Likewise, you can also take in items on a consignment basis to reduce business startup costs. This business is ideally suited for a person who has a number of contacts with parents within the community. It'll also be helpful if you're handy -- you can purchase a piece of furniture or equipment that isn't in tip-top shape, fix it up and sell it for a lot more. You'll also want to keep a very close eye on this market -- you don't want to sell outdated equipment or anything that's been recalled for safety reasons.
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