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  Tailor Service business. When selling a service, it's always important to customize a fit for each customer.
  This business does exactly that.

  Business Overview

  Retailers of men's formal and business wear generally do not have an in-house tailor, and typically alteration work is subcontracted to outside contract tailors. This fact creates a more than ample opportunity for the individuals with sewing experience to capitalize by starting a tailoring service that operates right from a homebased location. Once again, the fastest way to establish the service is to offer men's wear retailers your services on a subcontract basis, and you can arrange a certain time of the day to pick up garments to be altered and return the garments the following day. Additionally, to generate more revenue for the business, consider purchasing tuxedos that can be rented to clients via the men's wear stores that currently do not provide their customers with this service. Potential income range is $25 to $35 per hour. web resource: The Professional Association of Custom Clothiers, Association representing custom clothiers working from home.
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