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Used Baby Equipment

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  Used Baby Equipment business.

  Business Overview

  Similar to to children's clothing, baby equipment such as strollers, car seats, and cribs are very expensive and often out of the financial reach of many parents. So why not start your own business that specializes in clean, good-quality secondhand equipment for babies? The business can be started for less than $15,000 and can be operated from a small retail store location. You can purchase items from parents and mark them up by at least 100 percent for resale purposes. Likewise, you can also take in items on a consignemnt basis to reduce business start-up costs. This business is ideally suited for a person who has a good number of contacts with parents within the community. Additional income and profits can also be earned by adding a cloth diaper delivery service, which is also covered in this chapter of the directory.
  Marketing Tip If your business specializes in used products, always refer to your merchandise as refurbished or renewed. This will give your business a more professional appearance and even allow you to charge a premium for your used , I mean refurbished, merchandise.
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