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Roadside Vegetable Stand

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  Roadside Vegetable Stand business. Offer an alternative to the usual grocery store experience.

  Business Overview

  A roadside vegetable stand is a fantastic seasonal part-time business to get rolling, as the startup costs are minimal, the profit potential is great and the demand for fresh, in-season vegetables is high. The key to success in this type of food retailing is to secure a good location to operate the vegetable stand from. Excellent locations include gas station parking lots, industrial parks and main highways in and out of busy tourist areas. Furthermore, in addition to a highly visible roadside location, be sure to have large and colorful signs made to advertise the stand. Generally, the season for fresh vegetables starts in early June and ends in early September. You can extend your season a month or more by selling cider, apples, chrysanthemums and pumpkins in the fall.
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