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  Online How-To Books and Tapes business.

  Business Overview

  How-to books and tapes have traditionally been excellent products to retail by way of mail order, sales kiosks, and POP displays, and probably will remain excellent products to retail for many years to come, especially when you consider that increased technological gains will result in increased questions from consumers and users of these products. Moving forward into the new millennium requires careful planning and research in the retail sector due to the advent and popularity of the Internet. However, for every traditional product, service, or business that the Internet disables, it creates ten new business opportunities or breathes life into old and proven business opportunities, and retailing how-to books and tapes is an excellent example of this. In terms of the types of how-to books and tapes that are now or will remain popular sellers, these include information or instruction about how to use, understand, and benefit from the Internet, software, and technology in general.
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