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  Online Self-Published Books business.

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  Annually in North America there are some ten thousand books and guides that have been self-published by the authors. Without question, the single largest challenge these authors face is finding a suitable marketing and distribution channel for their books. Here is your opportunity to come to the rescue of these authors and launch a Web site dedicated to promoting and selling self-published books and guides. The site can be indexed by fiction and nonfiction, as well as by various sections like self-help, children stories, business, and finance. In addition to marketing books in print format, you can also market books in electronic format that can be downloaded from the site automatically once the purchaser has paid for the product. Furthermore, to eliminate the need for warehouse space, establish an automatic e-mail response system. Every time a book is purchased an e-mail is automatically forwarded to the author to notify them of shipping details. Income is earned by retaining a percentage of sales that the site generates; I would suggest a 60/40 split in favor of the author.
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