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Limousine Service

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  Limousine Service business. Help people arrive in style with a limousine service.

  Business Overview

  Limousines are no longer limited to stretched Cadillac and Lincoln automobiles. Today's limos include mile-long Hummers, vintage Rolls Royces, and theme vehicles with built-in hot tubs, grand pianos (complete with a pianist), and even disco themes, complete with the mirror ball and mini dance floor. In most areas of the United States and Canada, a special business and driver's license known as a chauffeur's license is required to operate a limousine service and drive the vehicle. Therefore, be sure to check into regulations in your area before making any investments. If you cannot acquire a limousine plate you may be able to purchase one if any are for sale, but expect to shell out big bucks, up to $100,000. Limousine plates and licenses are in high demand, mainly because it is not uncommon for operators to earn six-figure incomes.

  The Market

  Advertising in newspapers, Yellow Pages directories and school newspapers approaching prom and graduation time is sure to get the telephone ringing. Likewise, contact hotels, nightclubs, wedding and event planners, celebrity handlers and larger corporations to drop off business cards and fliers and to let them know about the limo services you provide so they can have their guests and clients whisked around town in style.
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