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Greeting Card Kiosk

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  Greeting Card Kiosk business.

  Business Overview

  In spite of the increasing popularity of electronic or e-mail greeting cards, there are still more than two billion paper and printed greeting cards sold annually in the United States and Canada, generating some six billion dollars in sales revenues. Securing just a small fraction of this very lucrative market can make you rich. There are two options for selling greeting cards from a kiosk: manned and unmanned. The first generally requires a more elaborate kiosk display that also stocks and sells additional products, such as magazines, newspapers, snack items, and tobacco products to justify the labor costs. Manned greeting card kiosks are generally located in public malls and markets. Unmanned greeting card kiosks can range from a small rack-style display to a very large specially-designed kiosk. Typically, these types of kiosks are located within a retail store, such as a grocery store or pharmacy. A jobber on consignment or wholesale basis generally services unmanned greeting card kiosks regularly. Both methods have their pros and cons. However, manned greeting card kiosks are more profitable as single location operation, while unmanned kiosks tend to be a more profitable setup in multiple retail locations. Greeting cards can be purchased in bulk on a wholesale basis very inexpensively. It is not uncommon to retail the cards for two or three times more than wholesale cost. This business opportunity definitely warrants further investigation.
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