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Online Craft Supply Sales

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  Online Craft Supply Sales business. Take your passion for crafting online and reach customers in even more locations.

  Business Overview

  There are a few options available in terms of selling craft supplies online. The first option is to develop a Web site that features craft supplies of every sort for sale, and stock these items for customer orders. This option would be costly to establish as not only would you have to develop and market the site, but you would also have to invest a large amount of capital into inventory. However, if this route was selected, the Web site could be promoted by running display advertisements in craft magazines as well as by initiating a direct mail campaign aimed specifically at people in the crafts industry. Names for the direct mail campaign could be accessed through crafters associations and clubs. The second and less costly option for selling craft supplies online would be to develop a Web site that featured literally hundreds of various craft supplies for sale with direct hyperlinks or 'pop-up' pages to the manufacturers or distributors of these products. This option would enable you to carry a wide selection of craft supplies without having to invest thousands of dollars into inventory as the manufacturers or distributors could ship directly to your customers. Revenue would be generated by either charging the manufacturers and distributors a fee for being listed and featured on the site, or by retaining a percentage on total sales generated.
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