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Corporate Gift Service

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  Corporate Gift Service business.

  Business Overview

  Do you have an eye for the perfect gift? If so, starting a corporate gift service can make you a millionaire. A valued employee, existing clients, or wooing a potential client, gift giving is essential for most corporations. You can choose a hundred or a thousand perfect gifts that can easily be engraved, customized, or personalized for your corporate customers to give as one-of-a-kind gifts. Once you have selected the items that you will be retailing, create a catalog and Web site to display and promote the gift items. The catalogs can be distributed to corporations around the world, and the Web site address with a promotional message can be e-mailed to every corporate address you can find. The key to success is the gift items must be unique and ready for fast delivery to your customers. For the very enterprising entrepreneur this concept could be established as a franchise or license opportunity with the rights to all major cities being sold to individual owner-operators.
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