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Website creation main stages

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    Website creation is a time-consuming and complicated process on the one hand, but exciting and interesting on the other hand. What do you need to create a website? What are the main stages of work? How could the idea be materialized in the website which is interesting for visitors?
    Website creation process consists of several stages:
      1. Defining goals of the Internet Project for which the site is going to be created and its potential audience. The site can be defined as simple one, corporate or promotional site, online shop or an information portal.
      2. Technical specifications creation. The specification should contain a description of the website structure, technical requirements for the site and its functionality, timing and cost of work. Usability of website is of great importance during the user interface designing.
      3. Website pages design. Web site design for the certain company should be developed in the company colors, should include the trademark, i.e. corporate identity and logo must present on the site. The website must be associated with the company and the proposed goods and services.
      4. Approval of the website design by the customer.
      5. Layout of the pages templates, preparation of graphic materials for the site.
      6. Website management system development and providing the owner with all the necessary information for the website managing, text and graphics updating / editing, pages and sections adding / removing.
      7. Filling in text and graphic content.
      8. Placing the site in the network.
      9. The project testing.

    Thus, a team of professionals (project managers, designers, flash animators, programmers, copywriters, content managers) are working on the site creation / running.
Jack Brown
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