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Dummy terminals return

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  Remember those old dummy terminals back in the days... (if you're old enough) well I bet they will come back one day when someone steals this idea.
  Ok what's a dummy terminal? In a nutshell, it used to be basically a monitor and keyboard hooked up to a network of some kind. Usually there was a text based screen where the user can interact. Most or all of the processing was done on a central computer.
  So my idea is that 1 day, we all invest into dummy terminals but this time with wireless. All you need is 1 big giant super computer here and there and wireless connection everywhere. When someone upgrades the super computer... POW you got a new pc almost.
  But why do it? Handhelds would not need a high end cpu and could do wonders, your pc would be much cheaper, viruses would less likely do as much damage since only super computers would need updates not 100,000,000 home pcs.
  I imagine their could be other uses.
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