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Device to cancel out the sound of the dentist's drill

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    For many, the sound of the drill is a big cause of anxiety when it comes to visiting the dentist. I have an idea to create a device which will cancel out the noise of a dentist's drill helping people overcome their fear of a check-up.
    This new device will allow patients to listen to music on an MP3 player, while the sound of the drill will be blanked out. Patients will still be able to hear the dentist's voice because not all sounds are to be filtered out.
    The device will be similar to noise cancelling headphones. It will turn the sounds of the dental consulting room into a digital signal. A special chip will analyze the incoming sound from microphones placed close to the dental drill and produce an inverted sound wave to cancel out unwanted noise in the headphone signal. The device will also use "adaptive filtering" technology to allow other noises like the dentist's voice to come though.
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