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Real Estate Tours On Cd-Rom

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  Real Estate Tours On Cd-Rom business.

  Business Overview

  This business start-up is similar to the real estate presentation business enterprise analyzed earlier in this chapter. However, designing real estate tour presentations in a CD-ROM format utilizes current technology to its fullest capabilities. The business concept is very straightforward and focuses on applying technology to create a virtual tour of luxury homes and properties, presented in a CD-ROM viewing format. The greatest benefit to this type of promotional presentation is its ability to showcase the entire property. The compact discs are small enough that they can easily be shipped to a potential purchaser half way around the world within a few days. Creating the CD-ROM presentations does require a great deal of equipment and knowledge. However, some of the more difficult tasks can always be contracted to an outside professional editing company. Filming the moving images and still pictures can easily be accomplished with the aid of a digital camera. Once the footage and text have been created for the presentation, then it is simply an editing job to mix everything together in a coherent and interesting manner including the use of background music and titles.
  Marketing presentations such as these are definitely reserved for homes and properties for sale in the million-dollar-plus price range, as each presentation including 50 discs can easily cost the home owner or listing agent $5,000 to produce. But, with that said, there are literally thousands of homes and properties for sale that this type of unique presentation system would be of great assistance in attaining top price for the property. Producing and distributing a sample presentation in CD-ROM format, will be your greatest marketing tool for acquiring new clients. Providing the finished product is professional and without flaw, the potential profits that can be realized from the business could easily surpass $250,000 per year.
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