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  Party Entertainer business.

  Business Overview

  There are a couple of options available in terms of starting a party entertaining service. You can work as an agency representing entertainers for children's parties. Or, you can be an entertainer yourself, if you have the required skills. The different types of entertainers for children's parties include clowns, magicians, trained pet shows, singers, and skit plays. This is a relatively low-investment business to start and operate, and the profit potential is very good. I contacted four different agencies and found the average rate for party entertainers to be $50 per hour with a minimum charge for one and a half hours including travel. One of the more unique agencies even had a dancing troop of monkeys available for children's parties. An agency representing entertainers for parties or being an entertainer yourself is a good homebased business that allows for flexible hours, good income potential, and loads of fun.
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