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The right path in curing/destroying A.I.D.S

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  The HIV-virus just so happens to be a living organism that has a root crystaline structure. Great! There are many forms of debris within our bloodstreams that also have a crystaline base to their structure that pass within us producing no side effects to us.
  My point is this: No part of our own body is of crystaline structure. All crystaline organisms that are in our body are foriegn matter!
  Think Crystaline... crystaline is crystal.
  If an Opera Singer can reach an audible pitch that can shatter a crystal cup then this must suggest that a sound frequency generator of some beautiful kind could be constructed and directed at our human body and resonate only the HIV-irus.
  Resonation of the HIV virus at its appropriate frequency will shatter its compounded structure into broken down singular elements! The living crystaline virus will ultimatley be dead!
  Looking for a pill cure for A.I.D.S. is not going to happen. Too many variables. Don't have to worry about mutation either. So what if the HIV virus mutates. Its crystaline base is always crystaline.
  Don't have to worry about hurting our bodies either. All things resonate at their own frequencies and all these possible frequency potentials have their own specific break down points too.
  Only things in the chosen resonance of such a machine generator would be affected. Yes, improper frequency generation could be dangerous!
  Tell someone you know who could serously ponder the validity of this potential and do something with it.
  It really can be this simple! Mechanically there is some engineering to be done. It is possible.
Anthony R. Cocucci
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