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  Dog Training Classes business. Throw a bone to fellow dog lovers who need a little help keeping their pooches in line.

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  Becoming a dog trainer and starting a business teaching people how to train their dogs can be both a personally rewarding lifestyle and a profitable business to operate. There are millions of dogs in North America and, while a great number of them are well trained, there are an equal number of dogs and owners that would certainly benefit from participating in a training or obedience instruction program. As the adopted owner of a 90-pound, extremely strong and stubborn Rottweiler, I can personally attest to the many benefits that both myself and Dana have received by enlisting the services of a professional trainer who ran both of us through the trenches, so to speak. The starting point for launching a dog training business is to first become a professional certified trainer. While this is not an expensive or difficult certificate to acquire, it does require you to have a love for dogs and a desire to assist dogs and dog owners to lead a more rewarding and enjoyable coexistence. The training classes can be conducted from a fixed training location or on a mobile basis wherein you go to the client's home. In both cases the current rates for one-on-one training are in the range of $30 to $40 per hour, while group rates (up to six) work out to approximately $5 to $10 per hour per student. Selling books on training and obedience topics to clients, as well as specialty dog foods and equipment such as leashes and collars, can also generate additional revenue.
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