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Receipt Scanner in Cars

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  Each time I make a purchase and get a receipt, I either stuff it in my pocket, throw it away, or put it in my car as I leave the store. What if there was something built into the middle counsel or dash of your car, where you can insert the receipt, it is scanned, and is stacked nicely for you to retrieve later. The receipt's info is then inputed to a spreadsheet file or the image is electrically stored. Then you could download the already formatted spreadsheet file to your computer with a running tally of your expenses. Or the file is contained on a USB drive. It could even shred the receipt after scanning, if you don't care to keep the paper copy.
  Sure, essentially your online bank statements provide this info, but you can't format or manipulate it in a way that might make it easier for you to see a pie chart showing that you are spending 36% of your monthly income on booze.
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