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Personalized Story Time Books

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  Personalized Story Time Books business. Are you a pro at creating sentimental items for families? Look into personalized story time books.

  Business Overview

  The market for personalized story time books for children is enormous. Every child in the world loves to hear stories, and the best aspect of this new venture is the fact that this business enables you to create books to include children into the story. This is a business that once you have established a relationship with a client you will want to keep that relationship strong as the product has the ability to almost be classified as a consumable. This means that once you form the relationship with the client, it's a given that the relationship will continue to generate revenue for the business, providing the quality of service and product remains excellent. The average child can easily have five or six favorite books, and these books change on a year-by-year basis. This can add up to 20 to 30 different story time books that can be sold to the same client, and that number can multiply by the number of children the client has. There are software applications available including the reprint rights for creating this type of book, or of course you can use the customer's and your imagination to create original stories. A marketing technique that can help get you started is to pick relatives and friends with children and customize books using their children's names. Once you have the books produced, simply show the story time books to your friends and relatives. It will be nearly impossible for them to say no once they see the finished product and how much work you put into creating the book.
  profit potential: Once you have established a solid client base, this business venture has the ability to return excellent profits on a part- or full-time effort. As with any business, be sure to use a bottom-up approach to product pricing. Factor in all costs, including materials, labor and overhead, and multiply by the desired markup. The end result of this formula will give you your retail selling price.

  Needed Equipment

  You will need a good computer system and printer if you plan to produce the books yourself. It can be very costly to have a print shop run a single copy of one item. Additional requirements will include software that legally allows you to reprint the books or good writing skills to create your own stories. The latter is more fun, and you can base the stories on your local community and community events.
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