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Community Bulletin Boards

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  Community Bulletin Boards business. If connecting diverse people is your forte, a community bulletin board may be a good business for you.

  Business Overview

  High quality 4-foot by 8-foot wall-mounted bulletin boards can be built for about $250 each, and spending $10,000 to construct 40 bulletin boards has the potential to return advertising revenues in excess of $20,000 each month. How? Easy. Simply secure 40 high traffic locations such as food markets, malls, and recreation centers to install the community bulletin boards in. The next step is to secure ten advertisers for each bulletin board and provide the advertisers with an 8-inch by 10-inch high-gloss advertisement on the community bulletin board in exchange for $50 per month. The advertisements can be located around the outside of the bulletin board and be protected by tamper proof glass or plastic, while the inside of the bulletin board is cork and used by people in the community to post notices. To attract advertisers the bulletin boards must be located in high-traffic community gathering places, and to secure the best locations for the boards consider a revenue split arrangement with the owner of the building or business where the community bulletin boards are installed.
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