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  Online Move Prop Rentals business.

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  Explanation of this particular business start-up really deserves its own complete book. However, here goes with an abbreviated version. Rentals of set or location props are certainly not limited to only the film production industry. Props are also required for trade shows, mall displays, social functions, and the list goes on and on. Starting a prop rental service does not mean that you have to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into unique and interesting props for inventory. There are millions of people out there with lots of interesting stuff like rare cars, antique jukeboxes, and gadgets of every kind that they would be more than willing to rent for a fee. The problem is how do you get all this stuff into one place and into one rental catalog? Easy. You start a prop-for-rent Web site. Promote the site to those who routinely rent props including producers, event planners, etc. To establish the Web site you will need to index it by category and take pictures of the items up for rent and post the pictures in the proper categories on the site. To generate revenue for your business, simply charge a 50 percent commission on the rental value of all items. One example is a rare car rents for $300 per day for a commercial shoot, and you keep $150 dollars for bringing the two parties together electronically. Of course you will have to work out delivery, pickup, and liability issues. However, done properly, this business could make you a millionaire.
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