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Checking stuff while online shopping

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    Online shopping is based on trust. A buyer should believe that a real picture of a commodity is displayed in the Internet, all disadvantages are enumerated and the price isn't overstated.
    This idea with people to help you to make sure that everything is OK with the stuff you are going to purchase is really awesome. Just imagine: you are going to buy a car / boat / real estate but you are lazy to go to the other end of the country and examine the possible purchase; then you find a "viewer" in a database and ask him / her to do this for you. "Viewer" makes photos for you and creates an independent description, basing on which you will conduct further dialogue with the seller. For an extra fee the "viewer" can even arrange a delivery to the destination.
    This service could be also useful when choosing real estate for vacation (to check the state, location and conveniences). The most interesting fact is that the service offers checking people from dating sites as a lot of girls and boys publish fake photos and claim false attractive parameters (age, education, etc.).
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