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Whiplash Air Bag

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  A simple, small air bag that is placed inside your headrest and activates when you are rear ended. Today's headrests and the headrests in the past have never prevented whiplash which is the most common problem in an accident and has the most lawsuits due to it. Your head is pushed forward by the rear-ending of another car or rear end collision then the air bag pads your head safely back against the head rest as your head comes back towards the seat at great force. It would be more effective in a crash that happens more often (rear endings) and would be small enough to fit inside the head rest protecting your head and neck from any harm at any speed.
  We can use the exact same technology as the steering wheel air bags but, we just make them fit inside the head rest. Easy to install and you could have your older model car altered where they could replace your current head rest, putting in the new air bag head rest cheaply. I mean, isn't your life worth every penny?
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