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  House Preparation Service business.

  Business Overview

  Every real estate agent will tell you that a home that has been professionally prepared to be listed for sale will sell fast and for top dollar. That is why real estate agents will become your best source of referrals if you are considering starting a house preparation service. There is only one objective to be achieved in this type of service for your clients. Make the home ready, so that it will sell quickly and as close as possible to the full asking price. Best of all, this can be easily accomplished if you place yourself in the shoes of the potential purchaser. How? Look for things that standout and could have a negative impact in the eyes of a potential buyer, such as loose boards on the front porch, a broken pane of glass in a window, dull paint in the living room, or a cracked tile in the kitchen floor. A thousand dollars spent to repair a few minor deficiencies prior to listing a home for sale can easily fetch the vendor ten times that amount in a higher selling price. Why? Deficiencies begin to add up financially in a potential buyer's mind, which usually results in a lower negotiated sale price for the home.
  Charging for your service should be done on a pre-estimated basis. That means you will estimate the job prior to commencing with your services. Additionally, your estimate should clearly state exactly the work to be performed, so there won't be any difficulties arising after the work has been completed. There should be a signed agreement by both parties to govern any discussions or miscommunications. This type of specialized service can easily command $40 per hour for labor, plus a 100 percent markup on all materials that may be required to fulfill the agreement. Without question, a home preparation service is a fantastic new business venture to start for any person who is handy with repairs and possesses marketing skills. The business can easily be operated from a homebased office and even has the potential to be expanded nationally on a franchise basis once the business is established and proven successful.
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