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Health Taxi

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  Health Taxi business. No more car excuses; give patients a reliable way to get to their doctor or dentist check-ups.

  Business Overview

  Starting a health taxi service in your community may be the unique new business enterprise that you've been searching for. The business concept is simply this: Purchase, lease or rent a suitable mode of transportation such as a passenger van. Set up accounts with local doctors, dentists and health professionals in your community to provide their patients with a way of getting to and from the doctor's office or clinic via your health taxi service. The doctors would pay a flat fee for every patient that your service taxied to the doctor's location. Not only will the patients benefit form a free taxi service, but the doctors will also benefit by ensuring that patients can get to them to receive proper medical care. Be sure to check out all the legal aspects of the business in terms of liability insurance and special driving permits prior to establishing a health taxi service in your community.
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