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Band Rehearsal Space Rentals

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  Band Rehearsal Space Rentals business. Got some garage space?  Rent it out to a promising garage band.

  Business Overview

  Musical bands and performers have always had a difficult time securing space for rehearsing their acts and numbers, and starting a business that rents rehearsal space to musicians by the hour, day, week or month is a fantastic new enterprise to get rolling. Ideally, the business will be established on leased premises in an industrial building so that noise won't be a concern or become a problem. Additionally, the spaced that's leased for the rehearsal space should also be subdivided into a few smaller rehearsal rooms to accommodate more than one customer at a time. Current rental rates for rehearsal rooms start at $10 per hour and can go much higher depending if any equipment and PA systems are supplied and included in the rent.

  The Market

  Typical customers will be anyone in the music industry -- from musicians to singers to music producers.
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