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Kids' Taxi Service

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  Kids' Taxi Service business. Kids need to get places too, and Mom and Dad can't always take them. This is where you come in.

  Business Overview

  Kids these days have schedules just about as hectic as their parents -- school, soccer practice, Little League, ballet lessons, orthodontist appointments, after-school care -- it can leave working parents with no time to work in between all these drop-off and pick-up assignments.
  But if you're a kid-lover who likes to be on the go, you can save the day with a kids' taxi service. You'll transport Babs and Junior to wherever they need to be, leaving parents free to win the bread. With nearly 16 million families with children under age 18 and both parents in the workforce, this is a business with plenty of potential.
  The advantages to the kids' taxi service are that you'll forge relationships with the kids you drive on a routine basis, and you get the satisfaction of knowing you're helping your clients' lives run more smoothly.
  You'll need nerves of steel; you can't be distracted by giggling or minor wars in the back of the van or by imminent car sickness up front. At the same time you'll need to love kids and understand their need to be treated as people rather than parcels.
  You'll also need a good sense of logistics to figure out how to get two different passengers to opposite ends of town for appointments at the same time.

  The Market

  Your clients will be the working parents in your area, plus a smattering of stay-at-home moms who don't drive or have access to a car. Introduce yourself and leave fliers at day-care and after-school centers, community centers, public libraries, pediatric and orthodontic offices, grade-school offices, and kid-oriented facilities like dance, gymnastics and karate studios.
  Get your company written up in local publications and run ads in your local newspaper. Donate one free month of service to a charity auction -- this is terrific publicity.

  Needed Equipment

  You'll need a reliable van with seating for six or more, adequate insurance, and a cellular phone to keep mom and dad apprised of traffic or other scheduling delays or changes. You should also be certified in pediatric first aid and CPR.
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