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Mosquito Repellors for Africa

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  Basically the idea of using ultrasound for repelling bugs is not new I sell some small scale versions on my website. They repell pests by generating ultrasound that only the animal you wish to deter can effectively hear and the sound, or the sound is taken to be a warning noise that only that species generates to warn themselves of impending danger.
  Now mosquitos carry malaria I believe and Africa are not the only one with this problem. Surely it is posible to generate and broadcast these sounds within urban areas so that the mosquitos are repelled from townships and cities.
  Furthermore, surely it could also be posible to attract them to another source of food as they detect and home in on CO2 and the sweat of warm-blooded living things. If that was artificially replicated it would attract some of the bugs and then they could be killed with insectacides.
  I don't think any of this is that expensive but I appreciate that the speakers could not be your ordinary Philips or Daewoo type.
  You would only reduce the problem and not eradicate malaria completely, but one life is one life.. quite!
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